Add a new level of creativity to your quilts by using the wide range of rulers. From basics to specialty rulers, the Rulerwork Kit will help ensure your success: Ruler base Ruler foot # 96 RulerUse the ruler work kit with your BERNINA Q Series quilt frame.

Ruler base
Ruler Foot #96

BERNINA - Ruler Work Kit 035900.70.00 With the BERNINA Ruler Work Kit, you will have all you need to start working with rulers on your frame-based Q-series longarm machine. Achieve perfectly-straight lines, smooth curves and equally-spaced patterns with your free-motion quilting. The Ruler Work Kit includes Ruler Foot #96, a ruler base and a Mini Straight Line Tool. Additional Ruler Kits are sold separately to expand on your design options
Tutorial: using the BERNINA ruler work kit on the BERNINA Q 24 longarm quilting machine

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Published 2/7/2018
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icon Bernina 035900.70.00 0359007000 Ruler Work Kit

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icon Bernina 035900.70.00 0359007000 Ruler Work Kit