Dressmaker’s Shears have versatile, medium length knife edge blades strong enough to trim and cut multiple layers of fabric effortlessly. These shears are ideal for cutting out patterns, quilting and for general sewing. Bent handles allow for smooth, comfortable cutting across any flat surface. These shears are finished in durable, double-plated chrome over nickel to keep them looking good. Chrome over nickle plated.

This video is primarily aimed at my bushcraft friends who make their own clothing and equipment, and need to cut through old wool blankets, leather, or other fabric. You can't do much better than the Gingher 7-inch Dressmaker's shears. This cutting tool not only looks terrific, but is sharp and can cut through multiple layers of fabric like a knife through butter.
This item can be used comfortably in either left or right hand because of the specially contoured handles. Tension can be adjusted by turning the nut with a wrench. Ideal for cutting out patterns and general sewing and quilting. The precision ground knife edge cuts flawlessly, and bent handles allow for smooth cutting across any flat surface. Durable double-plated chrome over nickel finish.