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Wolff IND-TAS Twice As Sharp Commercial Scissor Shear Trimmer Sharpener (+$377.53, You Save $122.42)


Wolff OGC-TAS Twice As Sharp Ookami Gold Scissor Shear Sharpener (+$736.63, You Save $143.36)


Hira-To Advanced Flat Hone Scissor Sharpener USA for Japanese Convex Edge or Barber, Beauty, Pet Shears, Scissors, Trimmers, Specify 110/220V+LED Lamp (+$2,693.25, You Save $806.70)

Professional, Industrial/Tailor. Ideal for heavy-duty extensive, multiple layer cutting

  • Hot drop-forged, polished blades with black handle.
  • Patented set-easy pivot, easy hand adjustment.0
Full Length: 12"
Cut Length: 6" 1/8"