Optional Replacement or Extra Consew 700 2" 6-Sided Hexagonal Rotary Knife Blade Replacement for Cutting Fabric & Cloth with the Consew 503 Rotary Cutter

Portable Electric Rotary Shear. Tuffy is excellent for narrow curves and sharp corners, and for cutting single and low lays of material. It can be used for slitting and trimming knitted fabrics when base plate is removed.

Tuffy can handle all types of fabric liners such as knit, silk, cotton, hemp, and so on. Use Tuffy to cut interior materials such as carpet and curtains or thin vinyls, leathers, or even car seats.

  • Suitable for straight and curved cutting on light to heavyweight materials.
  • Complete maneuverability when performing "off the table" operations such as trimming knitted fabrics and plastics
  • Comes equipped with knife guard, sharpener, hanger hook and 6 1/2-foot line with standard plug.
  • Features a worm gear drive for efficient, effortless operation.
  • MACHINE TYPE : Lightweight, Portable Rotary Shear.
  • BLADE SIZE : 2" (50mm) Hexagonal knife
  • CUTTING DEPTH, MAX : 9/32" (7.2mm)
  • ELECTRICAL : 50 watt motor AC/DC 115V
  • US Warranty 90 Days labor on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor


-A light 1150-gram plastic body for easy handling
-6-sided high-speed steel blade-Removable base plate allows “off the table” operations such as slitting
-Shock protection, double insulated against electrical shock-Continual sharp, clean cuts on all fabric, thick or thin
-Simple push button starting and automatic sharpening


-Blade Type: Hexagonal Knife
-Blade Size: 2” (50mm)
-Cutting Depth: 9/32” (7.2mm) Maximum
-Weight: 19 ounces (540 gr)
-Electrical: 110 volts AC, 50 Watt Motor
-Electrical Connection: 6-1/2 foot line cord with standard plug
Gus, Newport, NC
They delivered brand new products directly form factory / price was 25% cheaper than any other internet company, over all I'm very pleased.