• Light And Compact
  • 110 Volts
  • Cloth Cutter
  • Weighs 1 pound
  • Color may vary

    Cuts up to 5 layers of fabric.

    This Gemsy CS-100 cutter does include a sharpening stone. You would attach the stone to the unit, and run the machine to sharpen the blade.

  • US Warranty 30 days replacement if defective.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor

Included Accessories
  • (1) 2 inch Blade Part No. W9
  • (1) sharpening stone Part No. W12
{Q}Message from Allbrands.com to USA Distributor: Is the Jiasew, different from the Original Gemsy RMX1-1? {A}Response from the USA Distributor: JIASEW CS1-1 is a complete different Cutter compare with GEMSY RXM1-1 we sold before. Before we have some return of RXM1-1 from customers, now we have more than 3 years do no have any returns of JIASEW CS1-1 from customer cause by quality.
Kathryn M, Lincoln NE
I appreciate your fast service. Have been very satisfied with items ordered and will continue using your company, as needed, in the future.

Steve, Maine
My first time purchase with you, and I havent used my cutter yet but every other aspect of my purchase was great.

Maryanne, Pennsylvania
great service, was able to obtain specific product i wanted, it was delivered quickly, and the product works great. I appreciate your efforts and thanks for a great experience!

Claudette, Florida
I was very satisfied and I will be doing business with you again. thank you.

Rosa, New York
I'm so glad I found a company that carries almost all type of machinery. The electric cutter I bought here just made my life a lot easier.I could not find a product like that easily in other places. Thanks for exist and keep your good services!

Mariel, Canada
I'm very happy with my new cutting machine it works like a charm. I use it every day. Thank you

Pamela, Illinois
The only problem was there were no directions on the sissors I got. there are levers. a knob and I do not know what they are for. You need to put instrections for them other then that I am so glad I found your web site. Thanks for caring what I think.

Betsy, MA

You can't beat this price. I am very happy with my new cutter.

Sharon, Washington
I was more impressed with my cutting tool after I received it. Very nice. The quality for the price was very reasonable. If I were to suggest anything, the manufacture should put in a little more information on the use of the tool. The instructions were very very brief, if fact almost non existent. We are used to a booklet in the box explaining the can's and can not's of a product.

Judith, Florida
I'am very satisfied with my gemsy jiasew cs1.,thank you.

Pamela, Florida
I am extremely happy with my recent purchases from AllBrands.com and will definitely buy from you again!

DeeEllen, Virginia
I stumbled upon your website via a google search for electric fabric cutters. Once there found exactly what I needed as well as other products I will buy in the very near future. (cutting table, presser, possibly additonal manufacturing type sewing machines.) When I received my cloth cutting fabric I had trouble getting started and called in for assistance. Your representative was very polite and professional, sought help and was able to walk me through using the cutters. She also contacted the manufacturer and they sent me a users manual. I am 110% pleased with all the service, and with the product I received.

Claudia, Canada
Thank you, my wife is very happy with the fabric cutter that we bought from your company.

Stephen, Maine
Extremely satisfied with the products we have bought thus far and we will look here FIRST for future needs. Thank You

Barb, Maryland
We have purchased from your company twice and both times have been pleased with the product. Thanks you.

Elizabeth, Illinois
I'm very happy with the service and the product is great. Thank you.

Shey, Arizona
I found the price to be half of what I found in a shop in California. Your company conducts business fairly, honestly and very professionally. Thank you from Shey

Gemsy, Miami FLA
The RXM1-1 2" mini cutter is not good for cutting heavy fabrics, please try tighten the lower blade ( part # 37) and guide plate (#39), if these 2 parts broken, they need to replace with new ones. thanks,

Julia T., Huntersville, NC
The cutter itself works like a dream. Great product.

Peter, Pennsylvania

Unit is a Great value for the money,, Easy to use ,quiet and accurate, light weight.. Cuts material very easly. This unit has a built in knife sharpener, which is very handy.. Easy to hold and guide around patterns.I would recomend this electric knife to any one who has trouble operating sissors.. Yes, I would buy one again..

Genevieve G, Kingston, Jamaica
Thank you for the machine,just what i expected, the colour is fine and the speed great.