For Brother PR1000, PR1000E, NV6750D, NV6700D, NV6000D, XV8500D, XV8550D InnovEYE Camera Function Embroidery Machines, Including Babylock Ellisimo BLSO, Destiny Needle Cam Machines

The Brother SAESP2 Snowman Embroidery Markers are adhesive backed markers that make positioning hooped fabric even easier.

For Use With: Entrepreneur Pro PR1000, Entrepreneur Pro PR1000e, Quattro 2 6700D, Quattro 6000D, DreamWeaver XE VM6200D, Quattro 3 Trilogy Limited Edition Innov-ís 6750D, DreamCreatorXE VM5100, THE Dream Machine Innov-is XV8500D
These easy-to-use adhesive backed markers make positioning a breeze. This unique positioning marker is placed on hooped fabric so the InnovEye® Technology can capture the exact positioning for the embroidery. Markers are removable and semi-reusable. It includes a total of 502 markers (63 markers x 8 sheets). Snowman® Embroidery Positioning Marker works with the InnovEye® Technology in the Quattro®, Quattro® 2 and Entrepreneur® Pro PR1000 series. These adhesive backed markers should not be reproduced or reprinted as they are made to exact specifications and the use of copies may affect the InnovEye™ Technology's capability to properly sense the markers.

For use with Brother: Quattro® NV6000D, Quattro® 2 NV6700D, Quattro® 3 Trilogy Limited Edition Innov-ís NV6750D, Entrepreneur® Pro PR1000, Entrepreneur® Pro PR1000e, DreamCreator™XE VM5100, DreamWeaver™ XE VM6200D, & others.

For use with Baby Lock: BLDY, BLSO Ellisimo, BLSOG, BLSOG2, BLSOG-NZ, and others.

Check your manual for part number(s): SAEPS1 (old number, package contained fewer stickers), SAEPS2 (current number), BLSO-EPS, XE4912001, XE4912101, XE4912201, XE4912501,