Having problems lining up or evenly spacing your border designs? Now the Border Guide Foot helps you to easily match up your border designs with the red lines of the foot. No need to mark every row beforehand!

The secret to the border guide foot lies in the red guide marks. The two sets of vertical red lines are calibrated to allow perfect spacing of rows. The horizontal red line matches the needle drop so you can line up the start of each row. The small red mark denotes the center of the design for lining up with the marking for the first row.

For Instructions on how to use the Border Guide Foot Click here


Beth, Louisiana
I really like the service and will shop again.

Debbie, Texas
Every time I order from Allbrands.com, I know the mdse will arrive in a timely manner...and my order will be accurate. I was AMAZED that someone actually took the time to call me and let me know that the overlock foot I'd ordered was taking a bit longer than normal but that it would be on its way as soon as possible. THANK YOU for such great customer service! I recommend your site to all my quilting friends!

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