• The Hemmer Foot creates straight, professional rolled hems on light to medium weight fabrics.
  • The channel guide holds the rolled fabric and allows for a straighter hem.
  • Includes 4mm and 6mm hemmers

    Use with Janome Models: MC5000, MC5700, MC8000, MC8100HF, MC9000, MC9500, MC9700, MC10000, MC10001, MC11000, 900, 910, 921, 990, 2040, CE2200, HF3022, ML3023, ME4018, 4045LX, 4045NX, 4119(Quilter's delight), ME4123, 4618LE, 4623LE, 6019QC, 6125QC, 6260QC, 4048, 8048, 8080, DC2007LE, DC3018, DC3050, DE5018, DE5024, DE5124, DS3500, HF3000, HF4045LX, HF5024, Harmony 4052LX, 7061NX, 7318, 7330, HT2008, JP720, JP760, MC2400, MC3000, MC3500,MC4000, MC4400, MC4800, MC4800Q, MC4900QC, MC5001, MC5002, MC5500, MC6000, MC6500P, MC6600P, MC7000, MC7500, SewPrecise, DX502, 509, 521, 525S, 625E, 652, 653, 659, 660, 661(Jem Gold 2) 662, 712T, 808, 808A, ME4014, S-3015, MS-3015, NH2014, S-650, S-750, SD2014, S2015, DX2015, SS2015, SW2018E, DX2022, DX2030, SL2022, SR2000, SR2100 Also works on snap on style Brother, Singer, New Home, White
Watch the Video below to learn how to make professional looking rolled hems using this Hemmer Foot Set:

Jacqueline, Georgia
I have recommended AllBRANDS to friend (who ordered too) for the quality of service, fast shipping and great choices. I am an extremely satisfied customer and will order again. Thk you for the great job you do and service you provide.

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