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"DesignaKnit9 has support for pattern creation and model/shaping, and can use SilverKnit box as cable interface because SilverKnit will emulate SilverLink 4, so replacement by SilverLink 5 not mandatory." Silverknit

Professional Machine and HandKnit Version, Everything in one program for the hand & machine knitter or designer who wants it all. The industry choice.

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*DesignAknit Pro 9.0 Windows Professional Electronic Knitting Machine Software for Design Creation and Pattern Integrated Shaping. Compatible with Windows 32 & 64 Bit Systems, Requires SilverLink4 or SilverLink5 hardware.

Note: "DAK9 supports both SilverLink 4 and SilverKnit.
DAK9 treats both as a SilverLink 4." Jos Timmermans

Optional SilverLink Cables & Box to connect DAK to Machine. Add under Recommended Accessories below.

  • Price does not include the Silver Link-5 cable that goes from your computer to the knitting machine , and will depend on which model knitting machine you plan to use DesignAknit software with.
  • Price also does not include Silver Reed flexible Coil Cable at $70 which goes from yarn stand to the knitting carriage connection if you do not already have it.
  • The industry's BEST computer-aided knitting designing software
  • Features for both machine and hand knitters
  • Allows you to create your own garment styles
  • Integrate different shapes into totally new stitch designs
  • Convert pictures into stitch designs
  • Create custom stitch patterns using the stitch designer
  • Featuring new brush tools in Stitch Designer
  • Thumbnail pictures of all of your pattern files
  • Revised graphic conversion to allow easier conversion of color images
  • View symbols as you draw your stitch design
  • IBM PC Windows software
  • System Requirements: 486 DX-33 processor, Windows 3.1, 8 Megabytes of system ram, 6 Megabytes of free disk space, SVGA (Super VGA) video card, a Graphics Tablet or Mouse.
  • For technical support call Irene Sumner at 1-816-461-1248

    Designaknit 9 comes in three program versions.
    Designaknit 9 Professional; and
    Designaknit 9 HandKnit which is available on it's own; and
    Designaknit 9 Complete on this webpage which includes both machine knitting as well as hand knitting capabilities.

    Designaknit 9 professional has all the features of Designaknit 7 with the following new features (Note: Some features are specific to the Hand Knit addition):

    Compatible with 32 and 64 bit Windows:
    Extended thumbnail viewer
    20 levels of undo and redo
    Printout improvements
    Manage tensions more easily

    Standard Garment Styling:
    Apply changes before closing the window
    Moveable horizontal and vertical rulers

    Original Pattern Drafting:
    New exact stitch layout mode
    Display a stitch pattern on the active garment
    Select and drag not just one but groups of coordinate points
    Improved mirrors, rulers and grids and the knit direction indicator

    Stitch Designer:
    TrueType "KnitWriteDK"
    Symbols Text Editor
    New symbols allocated to mouse button
    Cable organizer - 60 to 168 cables to choose from
    In fabric texture - see how the stitches cross over and cables join up with each other
    Transparency indicator
    Needle selection indicator
    Alert indicator
    221 hand and machine knit symbols
    Moveable ruler

    Interactive Knitting:
    Hand Knit and complete product levels
    There is an additional window in the Interactive Knit screen that displays the hand knitting instructions
    New options for shape only knitting
    Controlling the starting side of the fabric

    Graphic Studio:
    Larger images can be converted into stitch patterns
    More image formats are now supported: WMF, TGA, PBM, PPM, PGM, JPG, TIF, GIF, PCS, BMP
    Pixel Perfect conversions
    New rotate Image can correct picture distortion

    System requirements:
    Windows 98 SE or later
    USB port
    Screen size at least 800 x 600 pixels
    Approx. 500 MB hard disk space (if installing tutorials & manuals) Or 90MB wihout tutorials & manuals

    The DAK Lace Tool is an add on for all versions of the DesignaKnit. If you owned it with version 7 then it transfers to 8 free. But if they are buying the program for the first time, it is an add on.

    KnitItNow.com Learning Library 57 DesignaKnit Graphics Studio Tutorials, Videos.
  • US Warranty 30 days replacement if defective.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
Designaknit 8 brochure [PDF] New Features

Minimum System Requirements:
  • Windows (95/98)
  • 6 Megabytes of free disk space
    VGA (256 color) video card
  • Mouse

    Recommended System Requirements:
  • Windows (2000/XP)
  • 128 Megabytes of system memory
  • 20 Megabytes of free disk space
  • SVGA (Super VGA) video card
  • Graphics Tablet

    Note: to connect to a knitting machine, you must have a serial port that is dedicated to the knitting machine connection. This port can not be shared by another device. For Silver Reed machines there is a USB cable available.
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icon New!!! DesignAKnit 9 Now Available

icon DesignaKnit - An integrated garment shaping and stitch pattern design program for hand and machine knitting.

icon Complete Version 8.0 Knitting Software for Hand or Machine Knitting

icon DesignAknit 38DAKCOMP8

Jos Timmermans, SilverKnit
In DesignaKnit, grading is a facility where you create 2 identical models (shapes) in different sizes. DesignaKnit can, using these 2 models, create additional models in different sizes. Garment Styler from Cochenille has a similar feature. The knitting of these models is completely independent of the grading itself. You still have to do the increases and decreases etc yourself. With SilverKnit you can knit all kinds of stitch pattern formats with all kinds of variations and you obtain the model/shape information from an external source. SilverKnit replaces the functionality of the EC1+PE1 and/or the PC10. DesignaKnit can give you modeling instructions how to knit a model/shape while knitting a garment. What you even could do is obtain the modeling instructions from DesignaKnit and knit your garment with SilverKnit. Whether the modeling instructions came from a graded model or not doesn't make a difference. If you have any further questions, please ask. Regards, Jos

Irene Sumler, Silver Reed
If Microsoft Vista is installed as 32 bit, DesignaKnit will work if they have or exchange version 7 for the CD. If they have version 6 they will need to upgrade to version 7 CD. If Vista is installed as 64 bit operating system, DesignaKnit will not work. It won’t even let them install the program.