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Same as LC560 except that you can plug in the PE1 Pattern Controller to LC580 for use on for Standard Gauge 4.5mm Electronic Knitting Machines - Silver, Studio, Singer, Knitmaster.

Transfer stitches for lace patterns in a single action. Lace Carriage knits and transfers in a single pass according to the design selected. Capable of producing fashionable multiple lace transfer designs

LC 580 Transfer lace is as easy as stockinet. The Single Action Transfer Lace Carriage fits the SK 840 standard gauge machine. Now you can knit delicate lace patterns as quickly and easily as stockinet

  • Requires Silver EC1 Electronic Card Reader or Design A Knit Software and Cables if you do not already have one of these systems.
  • Designed for use with 4.5mm guage electronic machines: SK580 and SK840.
  • LC580 is a full functioning carriage, rather than just transfer mechanisms.
  • It knits both simple and fashion lace so a single carriage knits and transfers, sometimes all in the same row.
  • This is the fastest, smoothest and easiest way to knit beautiful lace garments.
  • Simple lace transfers and knits all in the same pass of the carriage.
  • Features a secondary pattern of traveling stitches that enhances the eyelet lace.
  • LC580 is also is capable of knitting isolated lace motifs.
  • Comes with 20 electronic designs.
  • US Warranty 90 Days labor on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
I am interested in buying silver reed sk830 knitting machine and i was looking at the accessories. On the manufacturer's site at sk830's accessories appears also LACE CARRIAGE which on your site I cannot find for sk830 . Don't you have it on stock? Nicole
Nicole, there was never a lace carriage made for Silver Reed SK830 fine 3.6mm gauge electronic knitting machines, only for standard 4.5mm gauge SK560 and SK840 below. You would have to change the white wheel sprockets under the silver arm in front of the SK830 carriage from 4.5mm to 3.6mm to make it work on the SK830. They are the same kind of sprockets that are already on the SK830 silver sinker plate arm. John
Megan F, Australia
I am a new customer, in the process of starting a boutique line in Australia. We are very limited in the access to many products and so i have become an avid e shopper. For some of my products i have had to work with suppliers that don't have your International shipping set up and so I am dealing with customs myself. I now appreciate your taking care of taxes and custom agent fees and realise the cost of this aspect of the total cost is well worth it. Thanks Megan