NOTE: for 2 Wire Cord, for motors 1.5 Amps and below. EFC Electronic Foot Control No-Heat Pedal

Works with most mechanical sewing machines with 2 wire lead cords. Replaces carbon rheostat foot controls that can heat up and sizzle (cracking sounds).

Electronic vs Mechanical Sewing Machine Pedal. Watch this video and see why you should be replacing your old mechanical sewing machine pedal with a newer style electronic one! This is of special interest to anyone with a vintage machine they want to start really getting the best of. Give your machine a modern tune up!

Robert R, Huntsville AL
The EFC was received quickly. The EFC installed easily and works better (smoother) then the original mechanical rheostat foot control. This was installed on a 1985 Domestic 464R, 1.3 Amp, sewing machine.