For type 232 Bernina models such as 830E (#329.22103 cord sold separatly). Type 232, 3 Prong Connection (Please read type number on bottom of your foot control pedal before ordering.)

*Compatible with Bernina Sewing Machine Models:
801S, 802S, 803S, 808, 809, 811, 817, 819, 830, 801, 810, 807, 808, 809, 811, 819, 830E, 831, 832, 840, 1000, 1015.

There is a slow speed potentiometer screw on the bottom of some Bernina electronic foot controls to set the machine at it's slowest starting speed. You machine will run a lot smoother if the motor armature has been cleaned and polished of any black carbon buildup from the motor brushes wearing down. It also helps if the machine has been cleaned and oiled so that the handwheel is extremely easy to turn (no binds). John
[BERNINA] - 1000, 1015, 730, 801, 801S, 802S, 803S, 807, 808, 809, 810, 811, 817, 819, 830, 831, 832, 840, 850
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icon Optional 4/3 Prong Lead Cords for Foot Control Pedal .

icon 25.232.41 Foot Control Type 232 Electronic Solid State, No Cord 329.221.03 for Old Bernina Sewing Machines 730-850 830 Record Electronic 1000 1015

Janet S, West Monroe LA
I was extremely pleased with the speed of service and my product. I called your company to ask a question about the product before I placed my order online. I can't remember her name, but the woman that I spoke with was very helpful. I was looking for a replacement for the foot control for my Bernina 830 that I purchased in 1976. I had the guts of the control replaced about 20 years ago, but it stopped working again. Since I just recently moved to Louisiana, I didn't know where a good service dealer was close to me. I was thrilled to find the new foot control at your company. It worked perfectly after I adjusted the speed with the screw on the bottom of the control. Thank you