Embrilliance Thumbnailer Reads Embroidery designs and creates the pictures for your computer to display compatible with Mac and PC.

*Attention Macs! See Brother SARES Roma MAC Embroidery Lettering Software, Monogram, Edit, Arch, 227 Designs, 170 Fonts, plus Digitize True Type Fonts, 11 Templates, 109 Frames, Name Drop. Etc/ (BES2MACv)

"Embroidery design viewing software for OS X and Windows. View designs as Icons or Thumbnails right in Explorer or Finder."

Our favorite embroidery tools are those that create 'aha moments.' The Embrilliance Thumbnailer software program is a simple to install program that works its magic by creating thumbnail images of your embroidery designs. It will have you saying 'Aha! There's the embroidery design I was looking for!'

Imagine yourself clicking on your My Documents folder. Then you click on a folder where you store you very large library of embroidery designs. (We know you have a large stash!) In the past, you would see a list of file names but no preview. Finding the embroidery designs was a challenge. How can your creativity flourish under such restrictive conditions? All you really want to do is find the perfect design from your library for your next embroidery project.

Your embroidery files WITHOUT the Embrilliance Thumbnailer. The file names are plain and non-functional!

Now your creativity and productivity will flourish! With the Embrilliance Thumbnailer, you can actually SEE the embroidery designs! No more guessing what "Butterfly.pes" or any of your designs look like anymore!

This software is a must-have embroidery tool for every machine embroiderer. Simple to install and even easier to use, you'll wonder how you ever functioned without it. It also works on your Mac.

Thumbnailer is one of those programs that is so simple that many people forget that its there - until they get a new computer and say "OMG why can't I see my designs?!?". You install Thumbnailer, give it a job and it goes to work displaying pictures of your embroidery designs in Windows Explorer or Apple Finder WITHOUT you having to open the files! For those that have Thumbnailer, you can now see pictures of your electronic cutting files on both Mac and Windows computers. That's right, another FREE update from Embrilliance :-)

As always, you can find the current installation AND update programs on our Downloads page.
  • US Warranty 30 days replacement if defective.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
Welcome to Embrilliance from BriTon Leap, Inc

The same CD is compatible for Windows and Mac:
Windows® Requirements
XP (32 bit), Vista / Win 7 and 8 (32 or 64 bit)

Mac Requirements:
Mac OSX v: 10.5 and up
Included Accessories
Thumbnailer Update
Embrilliance Thumbnailer

We are happy to let you know that we have a new version of Thumbnailer available as a free update. You can download version 2.83 from our website and install it to get updated formats as well as some behind the scenes streamlining for updated operating systems!

This update is recommended for all owners of Embrilliance Thumbnailer software! Please Read:
If you are updating because of the notice in the newsletter, this version is only to help overcome issues with newer versions of Windows. If your Thumbnailer is working, you do not need an update.
Other Images

icon After installing the Embrilliance Thumbnailer software, I opened up a folder labeled Butterfly, where I store one of my favorite butterfly designs. I click on the file, and am able to preview the design on the right of the screen!

icon This software not only lets you preview the designs but you can control how you preview them! Take advantage of the preview options built into Microsoft Windows-like Extra Large Icons, Large Icons, Tiles and more!

icon This program is a World’s First! It contains the World’s First Mac and PC Identical embroidery product, released at the same time!. It is the World’s First embroidery product that has a 64-bit Windows version. It is the World’s First embroidery product that supports Mac OSX, Windows XP32, Windows Vista 32/64, and Windows 7 32/64. Now for those of you who also have Windows-based machines, or run with Parallels so that you can get to your other embroidery software, we also include the Windows version of the Embrilliance Thumbnailer too!

We have a contact form on this page at www.Embrilliance.com.
We have started a forum for Embrilliance. This will be the home for support and discussion.
Brian at BritonLeap.com, how can we get technical support to our Embrilliance customer below who is having problems loading the software on her computer?
First, any customer can come in through our support system at embrilliance.com and when your team needs help, invite the customer to do so. The customer would be best served by downloading the current version from the Downloads page at embrilliance.com. All discs are verified here before shipping. So there could be a hardware issue on the customer's CD drive, or security program, or maybe the disc has damage. The list is impossible to shorten, and any way it goes, the best solution is to download it. Cheers,
Patricia Jinkens, United States
I have other software products, but I could not resist purchasing this one. It is super quick to use and does not take a masters degree in computer technology to understand.

Kim, Louisiana
The salesperson at the lake Charles store was very helpful and knowledgable. Her suggestions helped a lot for the fact that I am a beginner at embroidering. Thank you Bobbye for your service and help.

Lois, North Carolina
All Brands....first site I check when shopping for sewing or embroidery items. Best prices !