•The largest square up ruler available to quilters
•This ruler is perfect for cutting 22" medallions, squaring up quilt corners, and generally cutting and squaring up large blocks
•Eliminates the need to double fold fabric for full width cuts
•Provides better stability for those longer cuts than a narrow ruler
Sabrina C, Lafayette LA
Really happy to find this product, it was exactly what I needed and will greatly aid me in my business. When I couldn't find the size ruler I needed, my first thought was to check your website, and there it was. Thank you! Your website is fairly easy to navigate and you have a wide range of products.

Nancy N, Harrisburg PA
I tried to place my order on the internet. I had all sorts of trouble, and at one point, it showed that I had placed an order for three of those huge rulers! It's because I kept trying to PLACE an order for ONE, but I was NOT successful. The program would not let me complete the last step. Anyways, the following day I called the 800 number and the customer service lady got me fixed right up. I love the ruler and I like the fact that you are doing follow up. It shows initiative and care for the customer.