Create designs that curve as they spin. Available in 6 point and 8 point, 12-1/2”.

The Spiral Crosshair Ruler is a 12.5" Square Ruler with slots and markings for spiral crosshair marking a quilt block. Use for 6" - 12" blocks, with 8 slots for crosshair marking and an additional 8 markings, giving the possibility of 16 crosshair markings. All radiating from a center point, with 1/2" increments for block sizes.

Westalee Design Crosshair Rulers - The Book
A Book by Leonie West showing how to use the Crosshair Ruler to create unique designs and to get professional looking results with your quilting using templates on a domestic Sewing Machine and a Longarm
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icon Westalee WA-CHSSPIRAL8-12.5" Crosshair Square Ruler, Spiral Marking 8Pt

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Donna M, Rockport TX
Very happy with my purchase. Thank you AllBrands.