How to use Fusible Mesh Cut-Away

Ideal for performance wear knits, this cut-away eliminates the stretching in the hoop as your embroidery machine stitches. By ironing the fusible mesh to the shell fabric, you can stop puckering from ruining your design!

Just follow these simple steps:

1. Set your iron to a low or medium setting - about 260 degree silk setting.

2. Before placing your garment in the hoop, iron or heat press the cut-away stabilizer with its shiny side against the back of your material.

3. Use only a dry iron – NO STEAM! Apply the heat to the top of your garment and not the side with the stabilizer. Fusible mesh begins to liquefy when heat is applied, so you want to always heat the top and not the side with the mesh. This way the mesh will flow into your material to provide stability.

4. Do not move the garment around. Simply press the iron and push down for 10-15 seconds with about 45 pounds of pressure. This will start the bonding process.

5. After the fusible mesh has bonded, hoop the garment and bonded mesh being careful not to separate the two. You will see that the stitching does not stretch the fabric and there is no puckering.

6. Once your design is completed, remove the garment from the hoop and physically cut the mesh away. Immediately peel it back and trim it. You can reheat the mesh to be able to peel it back easily.