*Will work on any Singer, Janome, White, Kenmore, China clone (Gemsy, Flying Bird, Flying Man, etc) or other spoked wheel portable sewing machine that has a threaded hole in the casting below the hand wheel to mount the hand crank mechanism. John Douthat
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{Q}RE: Old New Home Treadle Rotary Machine: I have one hand crank but it is too short all around so now I'm hesitant to buy. The location of the screw hole is about 3/4" up from the base and the distance from the hole to the turn wheel is about 2 1/2".
{A} Hi, our hand cranks are made for Singer and other standard spoked hand wheel sewing machines which is probably why the one you have does not fit. The difference would the distance between threaded hole below and center of hand wheel). John Douthat, owner and tech.
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icon Hand Crank Attachment for Spoke Wheel Treadle Head JA2-1 Sewing Machines*