These machines are made in China and are not picture perfect. They many not look new although they are -- may have blemishes and different decorative decals. Add Optional Hand Crank Connects to Fly Wheel, Motorization Kit, Flatbed Carrying Cases, Treadle Cabinet and Cast Iron Stand, Power Stand, 110V Motor with Foot Control

For free motion embroidery or sewing various kinds of light to heavy fabrics. Being operated not only with optional foot pedal, but also with optional hand crank handle. Sewing machine motor and case are available as options.

Fits most flat bed 14.5x7" openings in sewing machine tables and cases.

All metal parts, designed for lifetime work. Heavy duty single needle straight stitch machine.


  • Speed: Up to 1000 S.P.M. Stitches Per Minute
  • Needle Use: HAx1 15x1 size #11 to #18
  • Gross Weight: 12.5 (kgs) 25.56 (lbs)
  • Measurement: 42×20×29 (cm)
  • Bed size: 14.5x7"
  • The maximum stitch length about 4mm
  • This is head only. Optional motor or hand crank

  • Straight Stitch and Reverse Lever
  • Adjustable Stitch Length
  • Drop Feed Dog Control Knob for Free Motion, Darning
  • Class 15 Metal or Plastic Bobbins
  • 15x1 HAx1 Standard Household Sewing Machine Needles
  • Extra Bobbins and Needles
  • Built-in Bobbin Winder
  • Metal Spool Pins
  • Hand wheel clutch for Winding Bobbins
  • Can be put in existing Singer treadle cabinets
  • Cab be motorized with optional kit below

    See 7.6 minute video on same JA2-1 model from New ButterFly, with optional motor installed.

  • US Warranty 30 Days labor on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
Included Accessories
  • Instruction booklet
  • Bobbin Case in Machine
  • Straight Stitch Foot on Machine
  • 3-Extra Metal Bobbins
  • 3-Extra Needles
  • 1-Metal Spool Pin
  • 2-Felt Washers for Spool Pins
  • 1-Large Screw Driver for Needle Plate
  • 1-Small Screw Driver for Bobbin Case Tension
  • 1-Oiler for Moving Parts
  • 1-Plastic Box for the Accessories
Other Images

icon By the way, to put the machine head towards ground or hand wheel side towards sky will help to screw the hand wheel onto the machine easily, can try … Thanks Wang

icon Fabric Pressure on the foot is adjustable with the slotted knob shown just behind the top of the needle bar shaft.

icon BirdingFly Treadle Head with Optional Treadle Stand and Table Top.

icon BirdingFly Treadle Head with Optional Motor Kit and Handcrank. Use one or the other. Both cannot be installed on the machine at the same time.

icon BirdingFly JA2-1 Sewing Machine Head shown with Optional Accessories.

icon As original export packing of table stand for the JA2-1 machines is 4 sets in 3 boxes as attached photos, so if customer can order 16 sets, than we can ship it in 2 pallets without open any boxes to take out one set of table stand and keep the items inside the box not be damaged during the shipping, and save some freight charge by not lose shipping space. The photo show the 7 boxes are 4 sets machines. Each pallet can pack 8 sets machines with 14 boxes, total gross weight about 650 lbs including the weight of pallet, dimension 46x35x40 inch including the height of pallet. Gemsy

Zachariah, I read your email and looked at the attached pictures. As long as the machine sews and runs up to full speed with sewing machine oil lubrication, any rust on internal casting and shafts should not be polished off, only kept lubricated with a thin film of oil to prevent further rusting in an air conditioned environment. If there is any residue in the critical thread paths, including thread guides, tension discs, shuttle hook, or on the bobbin case they should be polished off smooth with fine grit denim backed jewelers rouge emery crocus cloth* from a hardware store. Ornamental external silver parts can also be polished off with crocus cloth for better appearance. Hope these suggestions helps. Let me know what works for you. Thanks. John Douthat, owner tech.
Srinivasarao G, Aldie VA
Thank you so much John! You are the best. This is what every customer wants and I strongly feel allbrands deserve my next order or business. Thanks Srinivas

Patton, CA
The machine is not standard it is smaller and lighter with very poor quality could you please return it it is not able to stitch even for an inch

Sam J, Raleigh NC
I am sad to say that the machine was not acceptable to me. The handwheel wobbles so badly that the bobbin winder will not work. The castings are rough. The formed metal parts look thin and cheap. The plating looks thin. The decals look cracked. Please give me instructions for shipping it back to Miami. Sam