Single Can Size 20oz Net Weight 11 oz, Spray stops machine squealing, sticking, and binding, retards corrosion, and protects equipment. Dries rapidly, leaving no greasy or oily film. Speeds sewing, facilitates fabric flow.

Silicone spray retards corrosion. Makes cleaning easier and quicker. Dries fast with no greasy or oily
film. It saves valuable time while it protects and preserves equipment. Colorless, non-staining, waxless and heatstable-unaffected by temperatures ranging from -40°C to 204°C. It has unusually low surface tension properties.

  • Stops squealing, sticking, and binding of machinery
  • Dries rapidly; leaves no greasy or oily film
  • Retards corrosion; makes cleaning easier and quicker
  • Protects and preserves equipment
  • Saves time and labor
  • Speeds cutting and sewing; facilitates fabric flow
  • Prevents power tools from binding
  • Long lasting residual performance

    USES: Furniture/Auto Trim/Upholstery: Speeds cutting and sewing while eliminating material drag.
    It stops bunching and binding and facilitates fabric flow. Printers: Prevents rust on paper cutters,
    drills, dies, saws, etc. Prevents the adhesion of glue to equipment. Hardware/Industrial
    Maintenance: Eliminates sticking problems in plastic and rubber molding. Helps fight
    rust on tools and equipment. Prevents adhesion of sticky materials to equipment.

  • Heat-stable release agent
  • Makes everything slide & glide easier
  • Dries quickly
  • Leaves no greasy or oily film
Size 20 oz. can gross weight
Net Weight 11 oz.

Color: Colorless
CHARACTERISTICS: Fragrance: Odorless
Spray Pattern: Wet Misty
Shelf Life: 1 Year +

Ozone Depleting Compounds: None
Recyclable Packaging: Yes
VOC Compliant CARB/OTC: Yes
CPSC Flammability: Required to be labeled as extremely flammable as per 16 CFR 1500
24 HOUR MEDICAL EMERGENCY: 1-866-836-8855
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