Genuine Brother® Accessory. Secure and apply cording in one step. Allows for the insertion of cords held by a notched clip with cords being stitched down using a serpentine zig zag or decorative stitch. Couch multiple threads with zig zag stitches. Flexible grooved securing attachment handles threads of varying thicknesses.

  • Cording Foot To attach three or less cords or decorative threads
  • The foot works perfectly for attaching three cords or threads through grooves on clothing, household linens, etc.
  • Compatible with VX, XL, XR series, PE-300S, PS-1000 to 2100

    For Use With: BB370, CE-4000, CE-5000PRW, CE-5500PRW, CE7070PRW, CE8080PRW, CS-100T, CS5055PRW, ES-2000, LS-1717, LS-2125, LS-2125i, LS-2220, LS30, LS-590, LX2500, LX-3125, LX-3125E, PE-300S, PE-400D, PS-1000, PS-1250, PS-1800, PS-1950, Pacesetter® PS21, PS-2100, PS-3100, Pacesetter® PS-3700, Simplicity SB170, Simplicity SB530T, VX-1400, VX-1435, XL-2121, XL-2230, XL-2600, XL-2600i, XL-2610, XL-3022, XL-3025, XL-3027, XL-3030, XL-3100, XL-3200, XL-3500, XL-3500T, XL-3510, XL-3750, XL-5130, XL-5232, XL-5340, XL-5500, XL-5600, XL-5700, XL-6562, XR-37, XR-40, XR4040, XR-46C, XR-65T