ORGAN “SK1” needles have an improved “crank” design scarf used for quilting machines. These round shank needles correspond to “MR” needles.

The main advantage that the Organ 135x7SK1 has over the MR/SAN11 in Long Arm Quilting is that they make smaller needle holes, with cleaner stitches, and less chance of needle hole “overflow”. Organ brought the 135x17SK1 out as an improvement of the Singer 3355-01 MR needles and Groz Beckerts 135x17-SAN11 Groz Beckert has now replaced the 3355-01 MR with. We are selling more and more of the 135x17SK1 in all trades now. From Organ Needles

Can also replace with interchangeable needle systems: 1901 1955 SY1995 SY6790 34 134R 135X5 135x7 DPX5 DPx7 DPx134.

In-house comparisons reveal 30% reduction in the occurrence of skipped stitches.

Additional benefit over other crank-form needles is the reduction of sewing thread breakage.
Q: All that we recommend for the 228R-11-1 is a 134 needle system. Do you have a different needle system that can be recommended? The customer is unable to find DPXF22.

A: 134 is the correct system for the 228R-11-1. It’s the same as 135x5 or 135x7. Standard size is 18 but will vary depending on customer’s material and thread.