ORGAN “SK1” needles have an improved “crank” design scarf used for quilting machines. These round shank needles correspond to “MR” needles.

The Organ "SK1" Crank Design Needles correspond to the Groz-Beckert "SAN11" needles. In fact, the ORGAN "SK1" needles have some features that prove to be an improvement over SAN11 and MR type needles.

These type of "Crank Design Needles" are very popular with Long Arm Quilting machines. The special scarf design is ideal for multi-directional stitching to avoid skipped stitches. The chief advantage about the ORGAN SK1 needles is that it makes a smaller stitch hole in the quilting materials and thus avoids fillers from bleeding out of the needle holes.

Changing the Groz Beckert, Organ or Schmetz 135x5 DPx5 needle Size 16 or 18 for Grace Qnique 14+ 15R 15M 15S Q19 Q21 Quilting Macines
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