Temporarily bonds fabrics together. Esssential for applique. Also works with batting, other stabilizers, patterns and templates. Reposition the fabric before stitching. Adheres stretchy knits to stabilizers to significantly reduce the fabric movement of sweaters and knits for embroidery. Eliminates hoop marks. Bonding disappears in 2-5 days. Non-toxic, odorless, ozone friendly, non-flamable and will not stain. 3.6 oz cans. ORMD products must be ordered in quantities of 6 but can be mix and match. ORMD products are shipped ground freight only.

This 3.6 oz Sulky Temporary Spray Adhesive is ideal for use on a number of crafting projects. This clear, non-toxic, and odorless product allows you to work without the use of pins for hand sewing projects. It holds stencils in place while painting and secures templates when quilting. It does not stain or gum up the needle and it disappears within a few days. This clear spray adhesive makes a crafter's hobby easier.

  • Clear, non-toxic and odorless
  • Disappears in 2-5 days
  • Does not stain or gum up the needle
  • Repositionable
  • Eliminates pinning patterns
  • Used for trial fitting
  • Great for quilt basting and securing templates
  • Holds stencils in place while painting
  • Non toxic spray adhesive makes any crafter's hobby easier
The handy size can gives you as much coverage as the bigger cans - made of a highly concentrated material combined with a low pressure spray for a more precise spray pattern and less waste

  • Temporarily bonds fabrics to appliques, batting, stabilizers and even to patterns and templates
  • Works great with landscapes and quilting projects
  • You can reposition the fabric before stitching it into place
  • Bonding disappears in 2-5 days
  • Nontoxic, odorless, ozone friendly, nonflammable, will not stain
  • 3.6 fl oz per can
  • Buy one can (KK2000)
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icon Sulky KK2000 Temporary Spray Adhesive

Dianne G, Redfield AR
I appreciated the follow up on my order when one of the products were on back order. I will definitely recommend to others

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