Temporary adhesive can be used for quilt basting, applique, and machine embroidery without a hoop. High tack adhesive is odorless and colorless. Will not gum needle. Adhesive disappears leaving no residue. Net weight 12.4 oz. This is an ORMD products must be ordered in full boxes. 6 per box ORMD products are shipped ground freight only. Standard ORMD shipping procedures apply. HAZMAT MATERIAL
While sewing, 505 holds down fabric with precision. Ease of quilting with no crinkling or pleating. 505 avoids basting and the use of pins. Does not clog needles and does not stain fabric.

How to use
1. Work on a protected surface.
2. Shake well. Always pre-test on material before starting project.
3. Hold can 12’’ from surface and spray lightly .
4. Press sprayed surface into position while adhesive is tacky.
5. To remove adhesive – dry clean.
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icon Odif 505 ORMD-13A BOX06 Temporary Adhesive Spray, 12.4oz x 6 Pack Case

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