2-1/2” wide, 4-3/4” tall

Fully adjustable, allows for easy hands-free viewing at any angle. Works with any mobile phone.

The smartphone lounger is the perfect stand to keep your phone upright on your desk, table, or nightstand. It can also be used to stabilize your device while video chatting for a better experience. The stand fits all smartphone sizes and is available in many colors and prints.

"Smart Phone Lounger
- fully adjustable - multiple viewing angles - fold to store Use with
• sewing apps
• tutorials
• blogs
• Pinterest
• Facebook
• video chat
• and more!"

Other Images


icon Color Option: I'd Rather be Sewing

icon Color Option: Pink When Lift Gives you Scraps

icon Color Option: Green Quilt until you Wilt

icon Color Option: Leopard

icon Color Option: Candy Dot

icon Color Option: Digital Camo

icon Color Option: Sew Steady Chocolate