Thin tip white marker designed to mark on dark colored fabrics. Markings disappear upon ironing or using water to remove. Note: White ink comes out clear and turns white as ink dries. Also can be erased with Clover eraser pen. Refill available Item # CL5033

White Marking Pen- This is a fine point marking pen that is light activated and results in a fine white line. The light color and fine point makes very precise lines on dark, smooth fabrics. Perfect for our use. When we no longer need them the markings are eliminated simply by ironing them away. Remember, because they are light activated there is a slight time delay in their appearance so wait for it. The brighter the available light in your studio, the shorter the delay. Also make sure the point is clear of dry ink before you start. Dry cleaning will have no effect on the permanence of the marks.

Tool School: Air Erasable and White Marking Pens. Join Steve Butler for an overview of Clover's Air Erasable and White Marking Pens.
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icon Clover CL517A White Ink Water Soluble Pen, Thin Tip