STRAIGHT STITCH NEEDLE PLATE FOR NV6000D - XE4908301, to Prevent Fabrics from being pushed down into the needle plate hole.
Straight Stitch Needle Plate to Fit:
Baby Lock Sewing Machines BLSO (Ellisimo)
Brother Sewing Machines NV6000D Quattro
Other Part Number XE4908101, XE4908301

Parts List pdf for Brother NV6000D
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icon Switch to a straight stitch throat plate. Most sewing machines come with the zig zag throat plate, so you may have to purchase the additional throat plate. You'll know it is for straight stitching, because it has a small round hole instead of an oval. There's one drawback to using this straight stitch throat plate......You MUST use the needle in the center position. If you adjust your needle position to create the perfect 1/4 inch seam allowance, you'll be breaking needles, as the needle will hit the plate instead of the hole. The benefit of using this plate is the hole is smaller. Your needle can't 'push' extra fabric through it and distort your stitches.