The board is 48” long and will fit on a standard 15-16 inch width ironing board. I only have two left and we will have to discontinue after they sell. Thanks, David, Golden Hands 11/28/22

Expanding on the success of the original Super Board Super Board II addresses the many requests for a wider board!

  • Folds to 24" x 24" with handle
  • Opens to 24" Wide by 48" Long
  • Easy to carry, ideal for classes and retreats
  • Board fits over existing ironing boards to enlarge surface area
  • Rests on up to an 18" wide ironing board
  • Moisture Resistant: Made of medium density fiberboard
  • Weighs only 12 pounds
  • 100% cotton cover with drawstring closure and synthetic pad are included
  • Dimensions: 24" x 48"
  • Does NOT include traditional ironing board!

    Made in the USA from Medium Density Fiberboard. Weighs half of what Big Board Weighs made of Baltic Birch Wood.

    Padding is made of Syntheic Industrial Fiber made for dry cleaners and launderies, wicks moisture away instead of Aborbing it.

    All Covers have a drawstring closure.

    Includes Padding and Cotton Cover.

    Underneath features one Rail on each side, and two on the small end of the board locks into the nose of the board.

    Has Rounded Corners.

    The optional Cutting Mat is screenprinted in Red and is self healing
  • US Warranty 30 days replacement if defective.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
  • Popular with quilters and crafters
  • Creates 24" x 48" sturdy work surface
  • Easy to set up--simply set up your traditional ironing board and place Iron Sew E-Z Board on top
  • Will fit securely on top of your ironing board without the use of clamps or supports
  • Press yards of fabric & quilt tops in a jiffy
  • Great for ironing shirts, table cloths, & curtains
  • Weight: 12 lbs
Included Accessories
  • Cover
  • Pad
  • Board
  • Does NOT include traditional ironing board
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icon Shown with Optional 1" Grided Cover

icon Shown with Optional Bullet Grey Teflon Cover

Wood ironing boards can retain more heat and moisture compared to metal mesh tops, which disperse heat and moisture to allow for quicker drying of the garment, cover and pad on the board.
Re: Comments: I will probably order this extension table but am not clear how it will anchor on my ironing board to make a stable base. I iron my sheets and the king size ones take an inordinate amount of time and are difficult to maneuver on my oblong board. I was going to ask my quilting friends what they thought. I don't remember seeing any buyer comments. The price is worth it only if it works.
Hi, see underside of Super Board II below to keep it in place on top of traditional shaped ironing boards up to 16" wide. It sits firmly on top without any anchors.

Can I use a steam generator iron on the Big Board?

Because the board is made out of real wood any continuous moisture will cause it to warp over time. My suggestion to you would be that if you do purchase the steam generator remove the cover and pad from the board when you are done ironing/steaming and allow everything to air dry before using again.
You can also cover wood ironing board tops with continuous tin foil to prevent moisture contact with wood. Many steam ironing presses with solid or layered wooden boards are also covered with tin foil for the same reason.

Before I order the Super Big Board, Extend Ironing Board, Expand to 21"x 58", I have some questions:
1. Board Size: The video shows 22" D. The order choice is either 18" or 19". Does this mean any of these two sizes extend to 21" D?
2. Cover Type: Can the standard cotton withstand heat when ironing? Does it burn or should I order a teflon cover

Thank you for contacting us. The GH126 measures 21"x58". The question refers to your existing ironing board width that it will sit upon. Choose either "up to 18" wide" or "19 wide" depending on your existing ironing board. Teflon coating offers protection against scorching and stains, and absorbs less moisture than cotton. The Cotton Cover is all natural material, and can withstand higher heat from the iron.
Cotton is the most heat resistant material to make the cover from. Teflon makes a smooth gliding, non-stick ironing surface, but does not make it more heat resistant, to my knowledge.
The amount of padding is standard. You can always add more (wool blanket or pellon fleece).
The cover offers a drawstring closure, and is easily removable.