“The Hideaway 400W In Wall Mount Ironing Board is great for my dorm. Mom and Dad put one in their walk-in closet.” AllBrands customer. “Looked like it was designed for the laundry when the house was built. We’re more than pleased.”

White scratch resistant recessed in the wall ironing board and cabinet.

“Looked like it was designed for the laundry when the house was built. We’re more than pleased.” Hide-Away customer.

Beautiful scratch resistant, recessed in-the-wall cabinet, designed with a raised panel door and swivel ironing board. Pre-finished inside and out, includes a heat shield for safe hot iron storage. Hide-Away® cabinet and board includes garment hook for hanging clothes, ironing board cover and pad and all necessary hardware.

3 Year Limited Warranty
From the date of purchase on all defective parts returned to factory for replacement, other than ironing board cover and pad. This warranty does not include labor for installation or replacement.

  • US Warranty 3 Year Warranty
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
Supreme Series 420 - White

Hide Away Boards are made of high quality 3/4" MDF (Medium-density fiberboard). This material easily withstands the heavy use of our ironing board.

Outside Dimensions 47 3/4"L x 16"W x 7"H

Installation Instructions for
Hide-Away Recessed Ironing Boards Models: SPA100, SPA150, COL200, SUP400 and SUP420

Installation Instructions for Hide-Away® Recessed Ironing Boards Models: SUP 400, SUP 400M, and SUP 420

  • Tape measure
  • Phillips screw drive
  • Stud finder
  • Sheet rock saw or utility knife

    The Hide-Away® ironing board is designed to be easily installed between two normal 16” center studs. First determine the desired height of the ironing board from the floor. The mounting hole dimensions indicate the standard height of 36” above the floor. This can be obtained by cutting the base of your wall opening 27” above the floor. You may adjust higher or lower according to your preference.

    When selecting the exact location for your cabinet, remember to leave room for your door to open. The door can be mounted on either side of the cabinet. It is recommended that you allow at least 56-¼ inches wide and 44 inches deep clearance around the Hide-Away® Ironing Board. The Supreme Series ironing boards will swivel to either side so you will not need to be concerned about blocking a walkway. Make sure the location you choose is free of all electrical and mechanical services.

Included Accessories
Parts List
Quantities are in parenthesis:
  • (1) Ironing board cabinet.
  • (1) Cabinet door.
  • (1) Ironing board cover and pad.
  • (2) Door hinges.
  • (4) Cabinet mounting screws.
  • (1) Garment hook. [SPA150, COL200, SUP400 and SUP420 only.]
    Door hinge mounting screws:
  • (8) Models SPA150, COL200, SUP400 and SUP420.
  • (10) Model SPA100

    Optional Accessories:
  • EU-1 Electrical Unit
    For use with Supreme models only. UL
    Listed electrical unit which includes 30 minute timer, plug unit
    and light fixture.

  • Designer Ironing Board Covers 14.5"W x 42"L
    Available in a variety of colors and
    patterns. Enhance your Hide-Away board with our attractive fabric
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icon Supreme Series 420 - White

icon Supreme Series 420 - White Outside Dimensions 47 3/4"L x 16"W x 7"H

James G, Pleasant Grove AL
Impressive product!

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