The sticker kit has been discontinued by Brother. Therefore, This is just a refill for people who already have the kit

Just print your favorite image, cut and create your own design stickers and labels! Great for crafters, small business, and home use. Now in postcard size: 3.9” x 5.8” (100mm x 148 mm). A great size for printing photos and turning them into stickers!

Fawn, NA
Review: This one come with 7 sheet of sticker paper 3.9x5.8 (100mmx148mm). About the size of a post card. You also get 7 laminate sheets to use with the paper to cover the sticker to make it water proof and glossy. How this works you use this with the stickers that came with the sticker kit or you create your own designs, or free designs you find out on the net. Watch the copy right protection if you find something with that. You can resize your sticker designs in the scanncut canvas. You can get one sticker design depending on the size or several to many designs depending on your size on this sheet. I did three on larger and two about 1 inch designs. However I would think you could get anywhere from 6 to a dozen small sticks from 1/2 inch to 1 inch or small on one sheet. You can also use this with photos and make a photo magnet or a photo sticker. In scanncut canvas you print out the sticker sheet using adobe reader and it works awesome you set up your print preferences and adobe shows you the size of the sticker paper then you can print it out laminate it and then scan it in to the machine and then cut out around the sticker shape. take it off the paper and place the sticker on glass, plastic any thing with a smooth surface. I am not a sticker person but I find this and the sticker kit awesome. I have made stickers for my tea bag jar and for my crafting journals. I made my stickers bigger for those items and used my sticker kit. I used this to make stickers for my laptop. Image me putting stickers on the back of a laptop something I would never have done in the past. Watch your prices here these things can get a little pricey. I use accessories sparingly and make sure I can fill up the sheet before I use it. I really do love all the things my brother scan n cut can do and I really do like all the accessories they have available. Plus you can use what you have available to you. Fawn