The Universal Pen Holder allows for more creative freedom when drawing with the ScanNCut and ScanNCut2 machines. Fits most pens and writing instruments. Use on various drawing surfaces such as paper, fabric, or another mediums.

Universal Pen Holder
Fits most pens and writing instruments
Use your own writing instrument

For Use With: CM100DM, CM250, CM350, CM350H, CM350R, CM550DX, CM650W, CM650WX, DC200, DC200ULE
New Universal Pen Holder with Brother ScanNCut2, With the new Universal Pen Holder from Brother, not only can you use the specialized Brother ScanNCut pens, but you can use your own markers and pens to create just the look you want with your new Brother ScanNCut2 machine!

New ScanNCut2 Accessories Features Overview, The new ScanNCut2 is exciting innovative technology from Brother. With its launch, come new and exciting accessories to take crafting projects to the next level. Watch to learn more.