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The ruler foot # 96 can be used primarily in combination with ¼“ templates of acrylic glass for quilting. It is also ideal for tracing special templates with e.g. heart or wave shape. Then you will obtain a decorative stitch.

On the new BERNINA Q series the ruler foot # 96 makes big art quilting really easy

Tutorial: using the BERNINA ruler work kit on the BERNINA Q 24 longarm quilting machine. In this video tutorial you will learn how to create a variety of attractive patterns using the BERNINA Q 24 longarm quilting machine and the BERNINA ruler Work – easily and comfortably. Our video instructions show step by step how to make your longarm machine ready for sewing: place the ruler base over the needle plate and let it snap into place – then use the ruler foot number 96. Use the touchscreen to adjust the required setting in no time at all, before placing the Plexiglas template on the foot and simply sewing along the template outline. In this tutorial you will also find out how to stop your template from slipping or how to choose between linear or curved templates, depending on your preference. Our Ruler Work Kit makes it easy and comfortable to quilt beautiful and precise patterns.

Optional Quilting Ruler Foot and Template Set from Sew Steady. This video is about the Westalee Designs Ruler Foot and Template Set Demo Project Offer. Information applies to all ruler feet and optional templates.

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Bernina Q20 Ruler Foot : video 2
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icon Bernina 034316.70.00 Ruler Foot #96 for Q20, Q24 Longarm Quilting Machines

icon Great video. I even found an open ruler to play with. Robert Hall, Baton Rouge store.

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