These tools are made to compliment the Braider and the Square in a Square Blocks. The measurements are for blocks set On-Point in Braid and Square in a Square.

Supplied as a set, the Braider Half Square and Quarter Square Triangles adjust from 1" to 6" finished size.

When making a Square in a Square Block or a Block set into a Braid, the center block has an unusual finished measurement making it difficult to make apieced blocks. If making a Block to fit an 8"x8" Block finished Square in a Square Block the measurement to the center block is 5.657"x5.657" - to make a simple 16 patch center block you will need to divide 5.657 by 4 5.657 / 4 = 1.41425". If you think cutting squares at 1.41425" is difficult or near impossible try cutting Half Square or Quarter Square Triangles. You can now make pieced center blocks for Braid and Square in a Square Blocks, EASILY without having to do the math.
Included Accessories
  • Stable Tape