For Old Kenmore 158 by Jaguar Japan (Not Janome), White Rotary, Westinghouse and Domestic Sewing Machines with Square Corners, Portable Hard White Plastic Carrying Case for 7.125x16.75" Flat Bed Size.

The Kenmore Sewing Machine Flat Bed Carrying Case measures 17" L by 9" W by 14" H (Please Note: these are the exterior dimensions). The hinge distance is adjustable between measurements 9-1/4" to 9-3/4". This Flat Bed Carrying Case is for select Kenmore 158. models. Please measure your Kenmore sewing machine to determine if this carrying case will fit.

Exclusive Kenmore Case
For Kenmore 158 series flat beds (square corners) pre 1980's and White Rotary Pre 1950's.
CAPACITY: (L) 16 3/4” X (W) 7 1/8” X (D) 2 3/4”
Rear Swing Kickstand for Case Bottom Support when tipping machine back for cleaning, oiling.
Machine Hinges
Square Corners
16 5/8"L x 7"W, 10" hinge to hinge Billable transportation charges for freight intensive items will be the greater of the dimensional weight compared to the actual weight. In addition to transportation charges, freight carriers may assess an additional oversize charge per package. Cases can not be strapped together for shipment. FREIGHT INTENSIVE
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icon For 158 series flatbed Kenmore sewing machines. see dimensions, kick stand, hinge pins to go into the back of the sewing machine, and square corners in the case that match square corners on the machines.

icon 97081 Hard Case 16.75x7.125" Opening for Kenmore White Square Corner Flatbed Sewing Machines*

La X, Saint Paul, MN
I'm very please with my purchase. I purchased a Kenmore sewing machine case and it was a perfect fit for my Kenmore 158.1813. My case was promptly processed and shipped. It arrived in good condition due to the amazing packaging. Also, this is the only site I have found that provides the dimensions of the case. Other sites do not provide that important detail. I highly recommend this product from this store, AllBrands. Measure your machine carefully, and you'll find if it fits your machine or not with the information that's provided on this site.

Katie D, Asheville NC
Only supplier of this item - a sewing case for old Kenmore sewing machine -I could find. SUPER fast shipment!

Jean C, Painted Post NY
When it was found that you could not supply the item I had ordered, you searched for and found another source for the same item and had it shipped to me as soon as could be arranged. So the delay was only because it had to be found elsewhere. There was no choice (selection) to speak of, only one model but I was delighted that the item I wanted was available anywhere at all, since we're dealing with a more-than-50-year-old machine. The Kenmore parts dealer I had first contacted could not find the case I needed, yet you could! I don't know whether the plastic construction will hold up, as the machine is very heavy, not like today's models, but so far, so good. The personnel I spoke with were very, well, personable. I liked dealing with your company.

Mary Ann, Michigan

Julie, Ohio
thank you!

Mitch, Florida
The shipment arrived sooner than expected. The follow up was terrific. Why would one shop anywhere else. Thank you again for a great experience.

Barbara, Georgia
I found other sewing machine plastic carrying cases about $10 less but they were not the size that would fit our Kenmore sewing machine. The case that we ordered from you all fits the sewing machine perfectly. Thank you.

Isobel, California
While the case will do the job, it certainly does not match the quality of the original one that has lasted 40 years.

Barbara G, Berlin NJ
I love Allbrands