Fil-Tec Glide with Advanced Trilobal Technology will maintain consistent tension throughout each and every spool. The results are high quality, consistent stitch formation, fewer thread breaks, and fewer machine stops.

Glide offers superior coverage for all your sewing applications. Uniform and complete cover provides a unique embroidery look. The thread appears to melt into the fabric. Glide utilizes special technology to capture a beautiful luster within the fibers of a colorfast polyester.

Glide is stronger than comparable threads on the market. Stronger thread translates into fewer thread breaks and less machine downtime. It also runs virtually lint-free through your machine's needle and tensioners.


Glide is a trilobal polyester thread produced from high-tenacity filament yarn. Elongation variation from color to color is minimal ensuring uniform tension throughout each and every spool. Glide is readilly available in over 200 stocked colors in two separate spool sizes.


Glide has a brilliant sheen and has the look of Rayon
Glide runs through your machine clean and is virtually lint-free
Excellent wash-fastness and strong resistance to bleaches and most chemicals
Lubricant is uniformly applied throughout each spool for maximum tension consistency
Matching magnetic-core bobbins available (L & M) in 61 popular glide colors

Product Desc Tex Size Metric Size Strength (lbs) (grams) Needle Size (metric) Put-up
King Spool 27 120/2 2.6 1179 75 5000m King Spool
Mini Spool 27 120/2 2.6 1179 75 1000m Mini Spool
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