• Bias Tape Binding Set for folding and attaching 6 mm (1/4") or 12 mm (1/2") bias tapes to fabric edge.
  • There are two sets of bias binders to accommodate both narrow and wide ready-made bias tape. (or make your own).
  • Narrow: finished width of 6mm (1/4")
  • Wide: finished width of 12mm (1/2")
  • Use either size to quickly and easily attach bias tape to the edge of your garment or home dec project.

  • SA221CV, SA222CV and SA223CV which are available for current 2340CV can be used for both CV3440 and CV3550.
  • Current SA224CV will converted to SA230CV exclusively for new cover stitch models.
  • And SA231CV will be established exclusively for new cover stitch models CV3440 and CV3550.
Other Images

icon Brother SA224CV Coverstitch Bias Tape Binder Foot Set, 2340CV Machines

icon Use the large bias tape sliding plate with the LC1 presser foot