This item is on backorder and should be back in stock by June 2021. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Get an extra 2 feet of quilting area out of your Continuum II quilting frame with this extension kit. This will work with both the 10 foot frame and the 8 foot frame, extending them to 12 or 10 feet respectively. Extending your quilting frame lets you quilt larger projects. This kit comes with a leg assembly, table, rails, and the hardware necessary to extend your quilting frame.
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icon Showing 2 foot Extension Installed in Center of Optional frame

After assessing customer demands of our existing original Continuum Frame Accessories, we have decided to continue manufacturing the following products for the original Continuum Frame. The frame itself is still discontinued but we would like for quilters to be able to add accessories as they desire. These accessories are projected to be back in stock in May of 2021. We will keep you updated if anything changes and as May gets closer:

Idler Rail
Batting Rail
2ft Extension
The above accessories will still be on the Grace Company site and will appear in an “Out of Stock” status. Customers will be able to see the estimated available date on site as well as have a number to call for more information on ordering this product. Grace Company Representatives can inform any customer that inquiries about the above accessories on the availability date and guide them to contact Grace Company or check online after May 1, 2021 for product availability.

Grace Company is recommending that all dealers leave these accessories on their site in a backorder status. Grace Company is accepting pre-orders from dealers with a tentative available date in May of 2021. Pricings for these accessories are not impacted by these changes and all existing pricing will remain current.