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Large oval embroidery hoop
For two applications

And for embroidering hats as well as fabrics that are slippery or difficult to embroider, with the optional "Hoop 'N' Buddyz" embroidery hoop insert
Template for exact placement
Max. embroidery area 145 x 255 mm
The large, oval embroidery hoop (max. embroidery area 145 x 255 mm) enables the production of large embroidery patterns. It is also ideal for combining multiple small motifs. The template that is included facilitates the exact alignment of the fabric on the hoop. This allows the most beautiful embroidery to be created conveniently and with ease.
In combination with the "Hoop 'N' Buddyz" embroidery hoop insert, caps can be embroidered, as can fabrics that are slippery or otherwise difficult to embroider.

Tutorial: how to use the BERNINA embroidery hoops.
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