Wonder Fuse is useful for applique on apparel quilts embroidery quilts embroidery home decor and crafts. Wonder Fuse from Clover is a premium fusible fabric especially suited for appliqué in all forms. It is a soft, lightweight paper-backed fusible fine enough to bond with even the minutest fibers, ensuring edges are always clean and smooth. If the design is intended to be worn or laundered, apply zigzag or blanket stitches to the edges to ensure permanency. The lightweight construction of Wonder Fuse becomes virtually invisible between layers of fabric, adding neither bulk nor stiffness.
This paper backed fusible web will keep your fabric soft and ready to sew. Recommended for your most delicate work.

9inx8in sheets

10 pcs per package.
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icon Clover CL4090 Wonder Fuse Paper Backed Fusible Web Fabric