Q Zone Table Inserts - Extends across the width of the table, When checking out be sure to select which frame you are getting the table inserts for.

Brother Dream Fabric Frames already include the table inserts for laying patterns out to follow with optional laser stylus.

Add a convenient work surface to your Q Zone frame with these table inserts! Can be used for both Q Zone Hoop or Q Zone Queen frames. If you bought the new Q Zone Frame and didn't get the plastic table inserts, here is the kit that includes the table pieces and hardware to mount it. This is what you need if you want to use pantograph patterns or pattern boards like the Grace Pattern Perfect or Quilt-EZ groovy boards.

Q-Zone Hoop-Frame
Table Accessory Optional Inserts Assembly Instructions
01-12228 Table Inserts for Q Zone Hoop Frame

01-12230 Table Inserts for Q Zone Queen Frame
Other Images

icon Grace 01-12228 Table Top Inserts for Q Zone Frames to Follow Patterns with a Stylus

icon Grace Table Top Inserts fits Q Zone Queen Frame or Q Zone Hoop Frame as selected, for Patterns on a Roll

icon The Queen

icon https://www.graceframe.com/uploads/products/hoop-frame-small-arm.jpg

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