32-Point Mariner's Compass Ruler and 28 page instruction booklet for making 16 point mariner's compass blocks in 16 sizes (even sizes from 6in-36in).

  • Robin Ruth 32-Point Mariner's Compass Ruler & Book- Requires RRDRR151 Skinny Robin 45° or RRDRR152 Fat Robin 60° Mariner's Compass Ruler and Books, sold separately, to create 32-Point Mariner's Compass Blocks.
  • Add the Companion Book and make even more styles.
  • Includes an instruction book, 32-point ruler, angle transparency to affix to your straight edge ruler, and a 17"x 22" pattern sheet with the center templates needed for 32-point sunflower blocks.
Instruction booklet includes 17x22in pattern sheet with circle templates for block finishing centers and angle transparency sheet for angles needed to construct these blocks.
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