Introducing Durkee “EZ Frames” for single-needle Embroidery machines. EZ Frames are a simple, yet effective, system for hooping otherwise difficult to hoop items. Simply apply sticky backing to the underside of the frame with the sticky side up. The adhesive on the backing holds your project in place while the machine is stitching.

Stability - due to their thickness and strength, you can stitch comfortably with EZ Frames at 1,000 stitches per minute!

Strength - EZ Frames are constructed with 3/16" anodized aluminum to provide years of consistent, uninterrupted performance. This compares to Fast Frames 1/16" metal frames which have a lot more vibration up and down movements.* EZ Frames also has larger Thumb Screws for ease of tightening and loosening.

Save - A lower purchase price means up-front savings and higher operating speeds
means more production in less time!

Embroidery hoops are indispensable tools for working embroidery. They come in a wide range of sizes, styles and materials, and every company has their own favorite brand. Using a hoop also makes it easier to count the threads when worked a counted thread projects.

Before starting the project, the embroidery fabric is placed in the hoop, pulling it taunt and tightening the outer hoop to hold the fabric into position. This taunt fabric base makes it easier to create well-formed stitches that are evenly spaced and uniform in size, as compared to holding the fabric in the hands without a hoop, which can cause the stitch tension to be too tight or too loose. Your choice of size and shape depends entirely on the project and your preference, however, when selecting a hoop, remember that the fabric must completely fill the hoop in order to keep it tight.

When browsing and buying hoops, you will notice that some hoops tighten and loosen with a thumb screw, while others are tension or spring operated or have sections that snap together without tightening.

Hoops that are tension or spring operated are made from a combination of metal and plastic and have a lip. There are also different material that the hoops can be made out of. Wooden hoops, which can be made from pine, hardwood or bamboo do not have a lip. Metal hoops are durable and will last longer than any other type of hoop.

When using an embroidery hoop the hoop is attached to the stands with either a clamp, or secured in place through the sides of the hoop using wing nuts or thumb screws and now even magnets. No Thumbscrews.