We do have 2 sizes of Grid Glider:

11” x 14”
12” x 20”

Either size can be trimmed down, if needed. Both are designed for use on a larger worksurface, great when used with either an extension table or a cabinet insert.

Cut out for feed dogs and presser foot is repositional (determines the position of the mat on the bed) compatible with all portable sewing machines. Come in roll up protective tube for storage.

NEW GRID GLIDER is a extremely slick polyester mat that has a 11" x 14" printed grid including seam allowances, and degrees to meet all your sewing and quilting needs.
Create a slick sewing surface for free motion quilting! Polyester mat with micro suction technology secures to Table and sewing machine. It has a grid printed on it, as well as a rectangular hole cut for feed-dogs.

How to Apply Your Sew Steady Grid Glider.