Show your pride with flashy fireworks or make your flag a star-spangled showpiece. These colors are great for lots of occasions from New Year's, President's Day, and of course the 4th of July. Make your designs sparkle and shine with the best-running metallic in the world, Kingstar. No need for a special needle-runs great with standard embroidery needles.

Pump up the wow factor on your embroidery projects with this dazzling assortment of KingStar Metallic thread. One spool each of Red, Blue and Silver on a 1k meter spool will have your next patriotic design singing!

Bonus: This thread pack comes with a free downloadable stars & stripes design!
King Star Metallic Thread has a polyester-core wrapped in rice paper with a metallic finish. No “kinking” as thread unwinds from spool. Smooth running through thread pre-tensioners, allowing fewer thread breaks.

Kingstar Metallic-High Quality Embroidery Thread!

Kingstar Metallic Embroidery Thread.

Machine Embroidery with Metallic Thread and Longarm Build Progress
Included Accessories
  • Metallic thread MA4
  • Metallic thread MS1
    Metallic thread MA5
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icon Bonus Stars and Stripes Design