25-color collection of 40 weight polyester, high sheen embroidery thread for attractive machine embroidery. Colors are perfect for Basic Embroidery Colors. Handy cardboard case included. Colors may vary slightly, to view representation of included colors, click on the thumbnail for larger image.
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icon 25 Holiday Colors. 55830: DIME V2041 Holiday Gathering 40wt Poly Embroidery Thread Kit 25 Spools x1100Yd Each, 1 Gold and 1 Silver, Not Metallic

Karen C. , Savannah GA
I was very pleased with my purchases. The pricing was excellent. Customer Service was very helpful. I was thrilled to find the double curved embroidery scissors on your website after searching for them in town as well as on the Internet. I was a little puzzled when the scissors were mailed separately from the thread (there was plenty of room in the box). I had to contact Customer service to find out how to download Inspirations Thread Color Converter Pro. This program turned out to be part of another computer program,PEP, not a stand alone program. Please tell your Customer Service Department thank you for their help.

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