For cutting safety between knife and flesh

Available sizes:
  • Small: 6 in
  • Medium: 7.5 in
  • Large: 8 in

  • Cut Protection
  • Direct food contact
  • Food processing
  • Food service
  • Grocery / retail meat & poultry

  • Performance Application: Cut Resistant Glove
  • ANSI Cut Rating: Level 5
Other Images

icon 3 Finger Mitten Option

icon 5 Finger Glove Option

icon 4 Ring Hook-Up Having no loose rings lowers possible snags, thereby lowering damage to the mesh! Also, by eliminating the gaps between the rings there is less possibility for penetration making this glove even safer! And, the 4 ring hook-up creates a flat seam that make the glove far more comfortable to wear.Be careful, don't risk a BAD "HOOK-UP". HOOK-UP WITH . . .US Mesh.

icon 2 Ring Hook-Up. Gaps between the rings. When it comes to joining rings on safety gloves, the industry standard has been a 2 ring hook-up. We found a better way . . . a revolutionary 4 ring hook-up! It has two major benefits: SAFETY & COMFORT