COMPLETE Professional Scissor Sharpener Machine System, Diamond Polish Buffing Wheels, Compound Hone Block, DVD *Includes Wolff OGU-TAS UPGRADE PACKAGE from Pro-TAS to Ookami Gold Scissor Sharpening: Manual, Video, Diamond (Extra Polishing & Buffing Wheels) Compound & Honing Block Kit

The OOKAMI® Gold Scissor Sharpening System is a versatile sharpening system that works well on both professional hair shears and on grooming shears.

The OOKAMI® Gold Scissor Sharpening System is a 2 wheel system utilizing the 800 grit Diamond Sharpening Wheel and the OOKAMI® Felt Polishing Wheel. The sharpening and polishing clamp allows you to set a precise angle and sharpens both right and left handed shears.

Ookami Gold Sharpener System
Ookami Gold Industrial Video
Ookami Gold Industrial Manual
Ookami Gold Polishing Wheel
Ookami Gold Polishing Compound
Ookami Gold Honing Block Kit
Diamond Sharpening Wheel 800 grit
Practice Beauty Shears
Shears Lock Clamp
Deluxe Screw Pliers Kit
Set Adjusting Tool
Repair Parts Kit
Angle Gage
Fine White Hone
Standard Sharpening Wheel
Professional Honing Wheel
Professional Instructional Video
Professional Operators Manual
  • US Warranty 1 year parts, 90 days labor on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
  • 14" stroke without reclamping
  • Weight: Unit only 12 pounds; Boxed 14 pounds.
  • Voltage: 110-130 a.c., 60 cycle. Wattage 375, 3450 rpm can be set to run on 220-240 a.c. 50/60 cycle, 3000 rpm
  • Motor: 1/4 H.P. condenser run. TENV 100% duty cycle

    5" x ½" x ½" - 100 grit fine grain friable aluminum oxide
    5" x ½" x ½" - 800 grit Diamond Sharpeneing Wheel

    5" x ½" x ½" - 400 Grit Cotton impregnated with fine silicon carbide
    5" x ½" x ½" - Felt Polishing Wheel

    • MOTOR
    ¼ h.p. condenser run, TENV 100% duty cycle

    Precision ball bearings. Double-sealed (SKF 6202-2RS1 or equivalent)

    Double-sealed Rulon® bearings, no maintenance required

    Set angles from 0 – 57 degrees, clamp opens to ¾ of an inch
    110V-130V a.c. 60 cycle

    • POWER
    375W, 3450 rpm, Can be set to run on 220-240 a.c. 50 cycle 3000 rpm

    Boxed 24 pounds

    All of Wolff’s sharpening systems come with a full two year warranty that covers parts and labor on defects in workmanship and materials.
  • Bearings: Precision ball bearings. Double sealed (SKF 6202-2RS1 or equivalent)
  • Arms: Double sealed Rulon bearings, no maintenance required
  • Sharpening Wheel: 5" x 1/2" x 1/2", 100 grit aluminum silicon carbide
  • Buffing Wheel: Nylon impregnated with fine silicon carbide
  • Sharpening Angles: 0 to 57
  • Clamp Opening: .600"
  • Special clamp position scissors for precise duplication of bevel.
  • Sharpen curved blades and pinking shears easily.
  • Lifetime sealed bearings provide years of maintenance free use.
  • 1/4 Hp Ball Bearing, condenser runs motor at 3450 rpm.
    Easy-to-read manual and video tape included.

    Click Start Button > below to View Wolff Twice as Sharp and Hira Flat Blade Sharpening systems on You Tube

    Click HERE for Steps to sharpen OOKAMI GOLD® style convex shears with OPTIONAL convexing clamp
Included Accessories
  • safety glasses
  • breathing mask
  • scissors lubricant
  • operators manual
  • pink hone
  • wheel dresser
  • sales poster
  • eye shields
  • hex wrench
  • angle gage
  • training video
  • OOKAMI GOLD® Sharpener
  • OOKAMI GOLD® Video and Manual
  • Standard Sharpening Wheel
  • Polishing Wheel
  • Diamond Sharpening Wheel
  • Professional Honing Wheel
  • Polishing Compound The paste refers to the Ookami Polishing paste (p/n 23201) used on the Polishing wheel of the system. It comes with the system,
  • Honing Block Kit
  • Practice Beauty Shears
  • Shears Angle/Lock Clamp
  • Deluxe Screw Pliers Kit
  • Set Adjusting Tool
  • Repair Parts Kit
  • Wheel Dressing Brick
  • Angle Gauge
  • Fine White Hone
  • Twice As Sharp® Video and operating Manual
  • Thread & Nutlock
  • 16 oz. Scissor Lubricant
  • Small Scissor lubricant
  • Cleaning Chamois

    Complete package

    • OOKAMI GOLD® Sharpener
    • Twice As Sharp® Industrial
    • Twice As Sharp® Industrial
    • OOKAMI GOLD® Polishing
    • OOKAMI GOLD® Polishing
    • OOKAMI GOLD® Honing
    Block Wheel
    • Diamond Sharpening Wheel
    800 grit
    • Practice Beauty Shears
    • Shears-lock Clamp
    • Deluxe Screw Pliers Kit
    • Set Adjusting Tool
    • Repair Parts Kit
    • Angle Gage
    • Fine White Hone
    • Standard Sharpening Wheel
    • Professional Honing Wheel
    • Professional Instructional
    • Professional Operator’s
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Wolff Industries, Spartensburg SC
Wolff Industries is the world’s largest manufacturer of industrial scissors sharpeners. Specializing in stainless steel shears with edges sharper than can be obtained elsewhere. Brands include: Wolff®, Twice As Sharp®, Ergonomix®, OOKAMI®, OOKAMI Gold®, Kai®, Mundial®, HomeStar®, Dritz® and other leading brands.. BACKGROUND INFORMATION ON LEE WOLFF Inventor of the Twice as Sharp® In 1957 Lee Wolff started a sewing machine sales and service business. Fabrics and a complete line of sewing needs were added in 1963, and the number of employees grew to 25 to handle the volume. During those years, Lee did a great deal of scissors sharpening and repair and made important modifications on the available scissors sharpening equipment. In 1971 Lee and Mary Wolff became the first major importer and distributor of plastic handled scissors in the United States. They started to manufacture sewing scissors in 1973 under the trade name of KNIP. A U.S. patent was granted on the KNIP. The scissors factory was sold to American Scissors Corp. in 1980 and moved to the south. Lee set up the factory and innovated many new manufacturing processes. The July 1983 Consumers Reports rates the American Scissors designed and produced by Lee Wolff as a best buy. He also designed a full line of unique plastic handled scissors with interchangeable parts. Lee worked on the perfecting of scissors sharpening equipment for many years. It is necessary to accurately control the cutting angles, reduce burr formation during sharpening, and do deburring and micro-sharpening as a final process. This method produces scissors that are normally twice as sharp, therefore the name Twice as Sharp® scissors sharpener. A United States patent has been granted as well as several foreign patents. Lee passed away in November of 1996 and his son David Wolff became president of Wolff Industries, Inc.