ETA within 30 Days! Includes Assembled Power Stand, DC Servo Motor, Larger Bobbins, 360 Degree Rotation of Top Feed, 1/4" Sewing Thickness Capacity, 13/32" Walking Foot Presser Foot Lift, Maximum Stitch Length 3.5 SPI Stitches Per Inch, Speed up to 500 SPM Stitches Per Minute, Hand Crank Mounted on Front of Machine.

Techsew 2900L Industrial Sewing Machine

18" Cylinder Long Arm Leather Patching Machine. Power Stand, Servo Motor

Class 29 leather stitcher shoe patch type machines have a foot that can rotate. It can sew up to 7mm thick and has the most narrow cylinder arm of any industrial sewing machine.

*Comes with Assembled Power Stand and DC Servo Motor, 360° Top Feed, 13/32" Presser Foot Lift, Stitch Length Adjustable to 3.5 SPI Stitches Per Inch, up to 500 SPM Stitches Per Minute Speed, Hand Crank for Needle Positioning, insertion and removal of materials being sewn.

The Techsew 2900L is the finest in leather patching machines, designed for repairing shoes, boots and purses and sewing patches onto leather.

  • 1-4/32" or 1.125" 28.575mm cylinder arm diameter
  • 18" Long narrow cylinder arm
  • Large bobbin
  • Oscillating Shuttle
  • 360 degree rotating presser foot for sewing in any direction
  • 1/4" foot lift sewing capacity
  • Reinforced steel pedestal style off the arm stand on wheels for largest work area
  • Powered by the Techsew SmartServo motor & speed reducer for slow and controlled stitching speeds
  • Can be manually operated by hand
  • Includes needles, bobbins, tools, instruction manual
  • Industrial Shoe Repair, Leather Patching Machine
  • Machine comes inspected, oiled, adjusted and READY TO SEW

  • Cylinder arm length: 18"
  • Sewing capacity: 1/4"
  • Maximum sewing speed: 500 SPM
  • Needle system: 135x17
  • Needle sizes: #16 to #20
  • Thread sizes: #46 to #90
  • Techsew SmartServo motor: 600W, 4/5HP, 110V, 18 speed settings from 100 to 1800RPM
  • Used for repairing leather materials and shoe uppers
  • Universal upper feed for stitching in any direction without turning work
  • Oscillating shuttle
  • Handwheel can be mounted on front or right end of machine
  • Wheel pulley "V" grooved for motor drive
  • Adjustable thread take-up lever
  • Adjustable presser foot pressure and thread tension
  • Machine can be driven by foot treadle, hand crank or electric motor

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Included Accessories
  • SmartServo Motor
  • Needles
  • Bobbins
  • Tools
  • Instruction Manual
Other Images

icon with Assembled Pedestal Power Stand and DC Servo Motor

icon 18" Long Cylinder Arm Bed

icon Stitch Length Adjustable to 3.5 SPI Stitches Per Inch, up to 500 SPM Stitches Per Minute Speed

icon Easy bobbin insertion and removal for winding.

icon with DC Smart Servo Motor included

Debora N, Cadiz KY
I bought one of the high end sewing machines that AllBrands offers, along with their financing options. In the beginning, I was a bit nervous to be working with a company, in that large of purchase, online, but I put my trust in the folks at AllBrands and they were more than great to work with. I was in direct contact with Shameeka, who manages the phone sales and she answered every question, when I had one. Everything was handled very professionally, all the "i's" dotted and "T's" crossed, with nothing left to question. The delivery of the machine was made with phone calls before delivery, with just a slight alteration at delivery, due to the size of the truck and muddy conditions after the snows and rain, but that was not a problem, as we have equipment on hand to move the machine to the final destination. Before all was said and done, I was immediately contacted by Brenda, of Vendor Relations, who informed me that the needles that I ordered were on back order, but that she checks for the status of back orders on a daily basis. After delivery, a follow up email from the president of AllBrands contacted me, to make sure everything was fulfilled with the order. In closing, I just wanted to say that this very large purchase from AllBrands was handled very professionally, the customer service is spectacular and any and all worries that I had before ordering have since left, as this company is one of the most professional online companies I have worked with, on a very large purchase. I, as a business owner and individual, highly recommend The excellence of the entire order/delivery and followup, is one that is very professional, knowledgeable and they leave no questions unanswered. I would have given this company a "10" on the rating scale, but they only go up to a "7", so from my experience, they have earned every highest point and recommendation. Exceptional service and quality, across the entire board. Thank you so much and I absolutely love working with this industrial sewing machine. The quality of the equipment was even higher than I had first expected. Debora Nash, Owner/Artist Portraits of Elegance Fine Arts Portraits of Elegance Fashion Tennessee/Kentucky

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