Intensive studies of skipped stitches reveal the problematic factors related to needles.
Organ's NY2 Series needles apply every possible countermeasure in their design to prevent skipped stitches, improve the quality of sewn products, and improve productivity.

All NY2 Series needles are suppplied with the Perfect Durability(PD) Titanium Finish.

  • Organ 135x17-NY2-PD Needles available in Regular Point only.

    NY2 Series Countermeasures for Skipped Stitches:

    Tapered Blade Design
  • NY2 Series design increases the needle's strength by 30% as compared to conventional needle designs.

  • Cliff Scarf

  • New Shape for Needle's Eye

    Slim Needle Point
  • Works on Upholstery Machines, Straight-Stitch and Zig-Zag Industrial Machines.

    Needle Comparison Chart
NY2 Series Countermeasures for Skipped Stitches:

  • Tapered Blade Design. Skipped stitches occur when the distance between the needle and the point of the looper is too great. Instead of employing the regular double-swaged blade, Organ's NY2 Series has a tapered blade design intended to dramatically reduce the needle's flexibility during high-speed sewing conditions.

  • NY2 Series design increases the needle's strength by 30% as compared to conventional needle designs.

  • Cliff Scarf. Increases in sewing machine speed and the diverse assortment of sewing threads require an optimally designed needle scarf to form the proper and stable thread loop that forms a stitch. The NY2 Series has a long, deep scarf called a "Cliff Scarf," that is designed to facilitate the reliability of picking up thread and avoiding skipped stitches.

  • Shape of Needle's Eye. The shape of the needle's eye must allow proper spacing for the sewing thread. The NY2 Series has designed the needle's eye as the optimal "thread guide" to feed the thread to the stitch.

  • Slim Needle Point. The slim point of NY2 Series needles drastically reduces penetration resistance. The design minimizes needle deflection that causes skipped stitches especially in thick and hard materials.

    Needle System 135x17 for Upholstery or 135x16 for Leather Vinyl Industrial Sewing Machines

    Compatible with Artisan Machine Models:
    29, 611, 618, 618-1SC, 797, 797AB-800/AB/ABN, 797AB LTHR/ABNS LTHR, 2618, 2698, 4400, 4400-25/LTHR, 4420, 4420-25, 6191 and SC LTHR.

    Compatible with Brother Machine Models:
    DB2-B727, DB2-B797, DB2-B798, LS2-B837, LS2-B877, LS2-B891, LS3-C51, LS3-C53 and LT2-B838.

    Compatible with Chandler Machine Models:

    Compatible with Consew Machine Models:
    28, 118R, 119R, 146RB, 166R, 166RB, 206RB, 223, 224, 225, 226, 226R-1, 227, 229, 239, 244, 254, 255, 255RB, 277, 282, 288, 289, 339, 358, 382 and 389.

    Compatible with Durkopp Machine Models:
    147-1 and 147-2.

    Compatible with Feiyue Machine Models:

    Compatible with Juki Machine Models:
    DNU-241, DNU-1541, DNU-1541S, LH-517, LH-518, LH-527, LH-1162, LH-1182, LK-980, LU-562, LU-563, LU-1510, LUH-521, LUH-562, MOL-100PA and MOL-100PSA.

    Compatible with Mercury Machine Models:
    280L and 280LS.

    Compatible with Mitsubishi Machine Models:
    CU-865-12, CU-865-22, DU-100, DU-110, DU-120, DY-339, DY-340 and DY-349.

    Compatible with Sailrite Machine Models:
    111, Big-N-Tall, Professional, Ultrafeed LS-1 and Ultrafeed LSZ-1.

    Compatible with Seiko Machine Models:
    CW-7, CW-7B, CW-8. CW-8B, CW-8V, LAH-1LC, LCW Class, LLW Class, LLWH Class, LPW-8, LPW-26, LPW-27, LPW-28, LSC Class, LSW Class, PW Class, STH Class, STW Class, TD-2 and TD-6.

    Compatible with Singer Machine Models:
    111G, 111W, 111W112, 111W151, 111W153, 138B, 153W, 168G, 168W, 211A, 211G, 211U, 211W.

    Compatible with Yamata Machine Models:

    Alternative Part Numbers Include 145646-0-23, SY3355, MR4, DPX17, MC-3720016-00, MC-3515016-00
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