Do you love taking your featherweight to classes and retreats? You will love this table.

The Sew Steady table is custom built-to-order to fit your specific machine. Please allow 2-5 weeks before shipping and expect a delivery time of 5-7 days. It is well worth the wait!

We do not keep stock on hand for any of our Tables or Inserts as they are all made to order.
The Table should be received in no more than 3 weeks from the day we receive the order. Sew Steady

"It is much better than the extension table that came with the sewing machine." Jimmy L, LA, CA.
"One of the best inventions since the automobile!" Cheryl H, McKenney VA

"Wow!! I absolutely love my new extension table! And if it weren't for me looking for a part i needed i would have never known it existed !! I stumbled on your site and so glad i did!! So Thank you so very much you guys, it fits like a glove!!! "

  • Acrylic Platform
  • Adjustable Height Legs
  • Custom Fit Portable Freearm Flatbed, for Sewing, Embroidery, Quilting, Serger and BlindStitch Portable Machines.
  • 1 year warranty.

    Note: Custom Made to Fit Around the Freearm or Flatbed Surface of Your Brand and Model Sewing, Embroidery and Serger Machines. If your sewing machine drop in bobbin (top load) cover (applies to metal covers not to plastic covers) does not come straight up and off the needle plate (if it slides toward the operator) or if your bobbin case is underneath to top of the arm (front load), you will need to remove the extension table to replace a bobbin.

    Sew Steady Tables are Custom Made to Fit your Model Like a Glove! Do you really need or have the extra space for a full sized cabinet with drawers? Or just more working surface around your machine?

    The Sew Steady Portable Table extends the sewing surface area of your table top sewing machine. It supports fabric for even stitch quality. Tight fitting NO GAP design since tables are specific to machine model. It has easily adjustable snap-on-off legs for easy storage and travel.

    A flat sewing surface provides you with the most control when sewing. If you don't have your machine mounted in a cabinet, using a Sew Steady Portable Table is the next best thing. Take it to class so you have a flat surface there, too. Adjustable legs can be removed for transport and storage. Each table is custom cut from 1/4" Plexiglas to fit your particular machine.

    Demonstration video, showing table leg installation process:

  • US Warranty 1 year limited warranty on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
  • Junior: 11.5" x 15" -- Sewing only. This Size is Not available for Singer 221 Featherweight, please choose 18x18 or above
  • Small: 18" x 18" -- Serger only
  • Large: 18" x 24" -- Serger, Freearm or Embroidery
  • Big: 24" x 24" -- Serger, Freearm or Embroidery
  • Giant: 24" x 32" -- Serger, Freearm or Embroidery
  • Freearm cutout fits around the freearm of the machine for sewing and quilting.
  • Embroidery cutout fits around the embroidery unit for embroidery.

    All of our tables are designed based on having the accessory tray removed from the machine. We position the machine to have the needle around 5”-7” from the front edge of the table. The table encompasses the entire freearm/flatbed sewing surface (does not wrap to the far-right of the machine). If your machine free arm slopes downward and has contours we may choose to design the table to hover over the slope to ensure a perfectly level, smooth sewing surface. If you have a top loading bobbin and a sloped machine this may affect your use. Please contact us in advance for other options. If you are purchasing a Deluxe Table then the holes do not need to be in line with the needle to make circles.

    Please indicate the Dimensions of the Sew Steady extension table in inches:

    Left to Right :________ Front to Back:_________

    Make of Machine: ______________ Model of Machine: _______________

    The standard position of the table placement front to back is to have the needle sit about 5-7” from the front of the table. Will this work for you? ___________

    (If no, please indicate in measurements of 1/16”-increments how far from the front of the table you wish to have the front of your skinny free-arm on your machine sit)

    The standard position of the table from right to left is to have the table wrap around the free arm of the machine only. Our goal is to give the sewer the most sewing space from the free arm to the left of the needle. Will this work for you? _____________

    (If no, please indicate in 1/16”-increments how much Table you’d like to the left of the left/tip of your free arm to the left edge of the table)
    The standard position of the table is to have the sewer positioned in front of the machine, with the needle at the left, the handwheel at the right. Will this work for you? ______________
    (If no, do you plan to sew using Free Motion Technique, which would prefer you to sew at the tip of the machine, changing the placement of the cutout to be on the wider end?)
    Our tables typically only wrap around the free arm of a machine, they do not typically wrap the full length to the right. Do you need your table to wrap as far to the right side of the machine as possible? __________
    The table is designed to never be resting on or touching the machine. You may have to adjust the levelers on the feet to make sure the table is perfectly level with the top of the free arm in order to sit as designed. The table is designed to fit snuggly around the free arm with the accessory tray always being removed. We do make some tables that work for Embroidery and Sergers. Please let us know if you are interested in these options. We are happy to accommodate other special requests as well with proper measurements and pictures if needed. Our goal is to get you the right table the first time. If you decide you do not like the placement requested the first time, there is a $50 fee for a 2nd revision
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icon Sew Steady SS.FW Featherweight Clear Acrylic Extension Tables for Singer 221

Jackie N, Duncan OK
The only problem I had.....was they didn't update the status of the shipping. I checked on it frequently and there was no change. Then yesterday I get an email that is was going to be delivered that day...I didn't have any idea if it was available or not... Other than that I'm pleased with fits perfect with miss Ethel.

Janice T, Mountainside NJ
Viewed website to view product. Ordered product by phone because I had additional questions. 1st time customer was very surprised and pleased with ordering process from placing order to receiving it. This is one company I will go to first before ordering future products. Thank you. JT

Kimberly P, Lexington NC
I received my Sew Steady 222K Featherweight table today and it is wonderful! Turned my little 222K into a "big" sewing machine. I decided on the clear table so I could store things underneath it and still be able to see them. The notions box is such a great idea! So handy! Or should I say sew handy?! And having a bag to carry it all in is a major plus. This is an excellent deal with all that is included for under a hundred dollars! Buy one, you won't be disappointed!

Janet V, Cadiz KY
All brands always exceeds my expectations with their prices and speed of shipping. Thank you!

Mildred C, Lenexa KS
The box arrived without any damage, items inside were secured. I did find trouble unzipping the travel bag all the way. It became stuck on the last short end. Even after several attempts, it appeared permanent and did not want to do any further damage. Please let me know if I am to return just the bag in the original box. I did talk to the gal at your office and was told she thought a new bag would be mailed and not to return the first bag.

Mary D, Chico CA
Very pleased with my purchase and how quickly it was available.

Faricha L, Troy TX
Thank you so much for your wonderful selection and great sales! Also, I will shop with you again due to you having the best prices! Fast shipping and love the follow up!

Carol M, Hooksett NH
I was so excited to receive an email to say it was already being shipped. One being a Christmas gift. Thank you so much I would recommend this company to everyone which I have. she brought one also thanks again. Carol M